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Concert in Zwolle

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the next concert by HET CONSORT lead by Alex Timmerman and the Castalia Mandoline Quintet. Especially happy to draw your attention to the premiere of the wonderful new Double Concerto for Two Mandolins and Orchestra composed by our dear friend the American composer John Craton! The soloists in this work are the Dutch mandolinists Sebastiaan de Grebber and Ferdinand Binnendijk. Other composers from whom music will be performed by HET CONSORT, are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Japanese composer Hiro Fujikake. The Castalia Mandolin Quintet wil play music by Pujol and Boccherini. You are all very welcome to come and listen on Saturday the 29th of October in the Theodorakapel (Theodorahof 20, 8011 AA), in Zwolle.

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